Weather Anomalies Proof of Global Warming – Certainly Not

Oh my gosh, there was a tornado in Oklahoma and one in Alabama too – must be global warming, the Cable TV News says. Oh really? Weather anomalies are common, there will always be untypical weather somewhere in the world on any given day. Why do the Global Warming Alarmist continue to exploit the news and misfortune of people who are caught in bad weather events? Well, I guess I blame the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change and their well-oiled and well-funded PR campaigns, hijacking of academia and infiltration into our politics.

Not long, I was having a dialogue in our think tank about all this and one of the members started citing research, funded by the IPCC, supposedly proving that mankind’s CO2 output was causing catastrophic weather events and claiming they will only get worse. He blamed me for leading the charge of skeptics within our think tank.

It’s not interesting that I fault the IPCC, that’s relatively easy to do. Citing or in his view “lauding” the IPCC is not purposeful, just very convenient when pulling up things to cite, comes up first in the Google Search Engine, I’ve read so many papers, I haven’t archived them all onto my hard-drive, but there is plenty of evidence refuting proof of Global Warming Theory – yes, it is still a theory, but you didn’t know that?

Hurricane Sandy, was not unusual, not really, it did not make landfall as a Hurricane, sure lot of rain, but so what, check out 1938 if you want to see a forceful Hurricane in the area, 600 miles wide with hurricane wind speeds. How about 1944, same thing, and there have been others, 1955 was an incredible Hurricane year, not even topped by the Hurricanes (Saffir-Simpson Cat 5+) of 2005 Wilma, Rita and Katrina that year.

The think tanker then sided rain storms in Austin TX in 2015, 10-inches of rain in two storms within 48 hours – “Austin TX rain?” I asked; “Please spare me the fear mongering and irrelevant non-correlations, I remember one of my franchisees was flooded out in New Braunfels TX, common overflows.”

Remember the Galveston Hurricane 1900, OMG, no sea wall big enough for that one. None of this, despite the media shows anomalies outside the Farmer’s Almanac, increases in Tornado numbers, are due to urban heat mixing with cooler air, but that is not coming from CO2 emissions, so the evidence claims of weather anomalies are bogus, and certainly have nothing to do with anything. Think People, Think.