Despite All Of Our Modern Technology, Weather Reports Less Accurate Than Ever Before

Okay so today, I checked the weather, mind you it was raining outside and I pretty much knew today was shot for a long-distance bike ride. It was raining moderately, but the weather report said 82% of rain. WRONG! It is raining and last time I checked that would be a 100% chance of rain, not 82%. Why is this? How can this be with NASA, NOAA spending billions on satellites to give us accurate weather and forecasting? Everywhere we look we have instant information – about? – well, about nearly everything. In California we have Amber Alerts for missing or abducted children, we have news alerts anytime a politician puts their foot in their mouth or some worthless terrorist blows himself up somewhere in the world.

Yet, despite all this modern technology – our weather is still less-than-desirable, and I’d submit to you worse than it’s ever been in the last 2-decades. Why do we accept this? Is this really fair to all of us? We have four or five major choices for weather media on Cable and on Internet Search Engines, and there are endless apps for our smart phones, and yet none of these weather sources makes the grade. They give us the weather yet don’t update their forecasts, all the while pretending their forecasts of 3-5 days out are accurate, they are not. Even the super computers miss the Hurricane Landfalls, so why do we rely on these worthless digital authorities? How can we plan our days, activities, or weekends?

Even their current data is wrong – the actual weather – it’s false. Isn’t that proof enough that our modern digital weather reports fail us? These apps and online sources claim to use the latest techniques for the weather – super computers, radar, satellite imagery from the greatest of all agencies and what do we get, more 1/2 truths. At least the TV weatherman of yesterday updated their predictions each time the news was on, by the night before we could plan our day better or know how to dress, whether to take an umbrella, or call off our plans.

Today, we cannot rely on the digital renderings and popular icons on our mobile devices or online, we try to plan further out, but we can’t – if we try we are fooled again, why? Because we forgot our most recent history – those false reports of prior weeks and we buy into the new weather forecasts as accurate even as we live in weather that isn’t supposed to be in the present. We as consumers of the weather need and deserve better. Think on this.