Climate Change Proves Feminism Is Dead – Poor Mother Nature

Throughout our lives we’ve heard that Mother Nature is in control of the weather, temperature and climate. Unfortunately, Mother Nature must be going through menopause and having some hot flashes now and again. What Mother Nature really needs is a good strong man to help balance her hormones out and provide her with companionship and love. This is my theory and before you criticize my theory, please note that Global Warming is still just a theory, as Global Warming Theory states; mankind’s CO2 contributions are tipping the balance and causing cataclysmic climate heating of our Earth’s Atmosphere.

Still, I ask; how can this be? We’ve been told that Mother Nature, a strong woman, perhaps the first real feminist has been in charge all along. We’ve been told that she is more powerful than we, and is in control and there is nothing we can do about it. Authority figures in our lives constantly tell us this fact. Now the same authority figures are saying she’s not in control of the climate – and it is all mankind’s (humankind’s) fault. If the latter is true then apparently she’s not all that omnipotent after all – so, does this mean feminism is dead? And if she’s not that great of a leader and cannot handle little humankind, then why is she allowed to lead? In fact, many scientists now want to take over and regulate our climate using “Geo-Engineering” something I fear is dangerous seeing how little we know about the relation to CO2 and the climate’s trends in temperature.

If humans, in their infinite hubris truly believe that they can do a better job with news scientific discovery and Geo-Engineering then the humans are saying; We are smarter than Mother Nature and thus, we should lead. Do the globalist socialists at the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) at the United Nations honestly believe they are better fit to run human affairs better than you and I, or to run the climate here on Earth better than Mother Nature herself? Is it just me, or does this whole concept of controlling and micro-managing every human beings life and using super computers to defeat Chaos Theory (Butterfly Affect) in stopping climate change (Change being the only constant) seem a little bit of a ridiculous notion (AKA; hot air)?

Look, we are either for feminism or we aren’t, you cannot have it both ways. We either respect Mother Nature, or we turn our backs on her, the latter is not a wise choice. Cite: History.