Australia’s East Coast Storms and Climate Change Are a Warning

The scene of Collaroy Beach that was heavily impacted by the ocean on June 5th 2016 has a message in it for the rest of Australia, if not the world. The waves were over 8 meters that slammed into the multi-million dollar homes built on the beach front. Now up to ten of them are dangling over the edge of the drop left behind due to the erosion that took away their yards and 150 meters of the beach.

These people are likely to be liberal voters who opposed the Labor government’s action on climate change and the carbon tax it put in place in an effort to combat climate change. It was removed by the Liberal government when it was swept into power on the back of a great campaign of which the removal of the price on cabon was a feature. It was wrongly claimed that the cost of electricity would drop and other things would follow to benefit voters.

The hate campaign was so great that even now as we face new elections three years later the Liberal politicians are using the same tactics. They are reminding people why they voted to end the policies of the former Labor government. This is politics a demonstration on how people are misguided and common sense is overruled.

With the campaign now in full swing the storm of the last few days is a timely reminder that climate change and global warming are very real. Those who claim otherwise have their heads in the sand and are serving the wrong agenda.

It happens that following my reincarnation and with a link to the Spirit it was shown to me that this is part of the devastation to bring about the last days. The climate is producing wild outbursts that see massive flooding, storm damage, unseasonal winds of torrential power, and global warming that is making the environment act in this way.

Crops are failing through droughts in some parts, floods in others and a lack of pollinating insects. Plagues such as the Zika virus and other things are gaining in strength and the Olympic Games may see a global catastrophe as it is spread throughout the world.

These things won’t ever decrease as this is the time the Spirit laid down and wrote about in the Old Testament prophecies. One of the signs it promised is the appearance of the Mountain of God to which all will flow (Micah 4:1). That is the Internet and it is now revealing the truth that man has got things wrong.

There is no way that we can fix anything to do with the environment and whether we have a carbon tax or not will make little difference. The ignorance of people, however, who cry over their mansions washing into the sea is but a taste of the losses still to come.