Forever and Ever

Look, I’m going to use a simple example now, but I hope it will knock the last nail in well and deep so that us ordinary people can understand.

With the drought in the Western Cape everybody bought tanks to store water. Most people probably did this just to ease their conscience, because you won’t go far with such a small tank connected to nothing. It’s far too much trouble to collect the water from the tank and carry it everywhere.

I tried to look at it from another angle. I had a long-term plan, because I realised that what was happening in the Cape was not a given, but that the price would go up every year was definitely cast in concrete.

A friend helped to acquire a 5 000-litre tank or two and over a period of a few years, I bought some more. Now I have six located in strategic areas in the garden. If there’s 50mm rain, all the tanks are full.

I bought a pressure pump at the cooperation and connected it to the plumbing system in the house. From early winter to spring the municipal water connection is switched off. Then I save the water to get the garden through the summer.

With this new system I save a lot of money and my garden is always green.

The system is definitely better than the old system and everybody, most of all, my pocket, benefits.

The new system that God and Jesus had implemented on earth was so much better than the previous system. The old system was full of holes and certainly not viable.

The previous system was based on the law. The law watched it carefully. It could’ve worked, but only if there had been no sin in the world. But sadly, the people were full of sin. Even the high priest was only human and fell into the trap now and then.

When the priests made the sacrifice, when a cow had to be killed, instead of the people being punished for their sin, it was only temporary. The sacrifices didn’t work forever and had to be repeated again and again.

Fortunately, God introduced a new system. A much better system that benefitted every person on earth. On His honour, He appointed Jesus and ensured people that Jesus is and always will be enough to take the punishment for humankind’s sin.

Jesus, who was perfect, did enough. Enough forever, making the only sufficient sacrifice for humankind’s sin. The debt of all the nations on earth was paid forever. And it will remain like that forever!


28But this intervening command of God, which came later, appoints the Son, who is absolutely, eternally perfect.


Hebrews 7:1-28


Consider what Jesus has done for you.

Do you understand the impact of the new system on your life?

How does it affect your way of life here on earth?


Father, Jesus, the new system is absolutely incredible. So much better than the previous one, so much more an eternal winner for all who believe. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I also have a chance to go to heaven. Amen.