Journalism Online Course Overview

: Target Audience

Would you like to become a journalist? But a journalism school with compulsory daily attendance doesn’t work for you? However,

you still want a first-class journalism education and learn from world-class award-winning journalism educators from all over

the world? Then Open School of Journalism, as a leading online journalism school, is the right choice for you.


The course will teach you all the knowledge and competences you need to work as a professional journalist.

Entry Requirements

Very good English language skills and

High school/secondary school graduation.

If you don’t have that, you can compensate this with practical experience.


Individual curriculum with broad module selection

Award-winning journalists and journalism educators

Practice-oriented education

Possible to study alongside job

No compulsory attendance, no travel expenses

Independent journalism school

International journalism school

State-authorized program

Quality management compliant with ISO 29990

Fair tuition fees with various installment plans.


As journalism is an extensive field, you individually compile your personalized curriculum of this online training according to your aspired professional goals from a large selection of modules in the following sections:

Journalistic Working Techniques (Investigation, Writing, Sub-Editing)

Practical Workshops (Honing Skills)

Areas of Journalism (Specializations)

Genres of Journalism (New Approaches to Journalism)

Public Relations

Media Context and Working Conditions (Press Law, Ethics, History)

See a sample module here: “Journalistic Investigation” (text- and video-based).


The course is an online course, I. e.:

You study your selected modules and attend your practical workshops online (whenever you want). You don’t have to travel (distance education).

For each module, you take an online exam.

You can contact your tutors at any time if you have questions.

In the online colloquia, you can discuss and exchange thoughts with both your tutors and fellow students.

In the discussion forums and with the networking tool, you can connect with your fellow students and form learning groups.


3 to 24 months, depending on the time you can invest and your learning progress.

Tuition Fees

Regular payment plan:

12 monthly installments of USD 160.00 / EUR 144.00 / GBP 112.00

Total USD 1,920.00 / EUR 1,728.00 / GBP 1,344.00

Per additional Study Point (exceeding 24 SP): USD 4.00 / EUR 3.60 / GBP 2.80

Extended payment plan:

24 monthly installments of USD 87.50 / EUR 78.75 / GBP 61.25

Total: USD 2,100.00 / EUR 1,890.00 / GBP 1,470.00

Per additional Study Point (exceeding 24 SP): USD 2.00 / EUR 1.80 / GBP 1.40

Shortened payment plan:

6 monthly installments of USD 300.00 / EUR 270.00 / GBP 210.00

Total: USD 1,800.00 / EUR 1,620.00 / GBP 1,260.00

Per additional Study Point (exceeding 24 SP): USD 8.00 / EUR 7.20 / GBP 5.60

Save these costs. The tuition fees cover all services provided to you.

Payment Methods:

VISA or MasterCard


Bank Transfer (SEPA/Europe only or TransferWise)


As a graduate, you will receive a certificate (without grades) and a report card (with grades). The course is classified as ISCED Level 4 and EQF Level 5. The program has a state authorization by ZFU No. 7292115.

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