Enslaved by Gender

We live in a world where words are worth more than actions. We live in a world where makeup speaks more than the soul. We live in a world without any scope of mistakes.

Yes, we do live in this superficial world.

What is wrong with people? How would you feel someone always commenting on you, someone always telling you to be perfect, someone always making fun of your flaws, your mistakes?

I, being a girl can’t give you even a little idea about the life we go through. Don’t wear too short skirts you’ll look like a slut. Oh, don’t wear a salwar suit you’ll look hideous. Don’t roam around with guys. You know what our parents say. They say that although we know that there is nothing between you two but what will the society think. Seriously, the “society”. Now that’s whose permission I need to live my life. The people who have nothing to do but gossip and bitch about people around them, that’s whom I should care about before talking to someone. Really?

India has a population of about 2.87 million people who don’t have faith in any religion i.e. 0.24% of the entire population. But what faith are we talking about?

Because here, even today women are burnt alive after the death of their husbands. Just because it is believed they will unite with their husbands in heaven

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan were married on 20 April, 2007. Aishwarya is a Mangalik. Before their marriage, priest had recommended that she takes a corrective action to counter her Mangalik Dosha. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan married a Peepal Tree in Varanasi to get rid of “Manglik Dosh”

As ridiculous it sounds, this practice is still prevalent in many parts of our country. People for years have believed in these superstitions without any proper explanation. They have a blind faith in such things just because the society says so or their family has been following the same practice for ages

Why? And the most exploited group of people in this is Women!

Why is a woman’s relationship with God so transactional – always asking for things she cannot have, always being made to wait, always dependent on rigid wraths and moral abstinence? Why are they asked to sacrifice something they love, feel repentant and remorseful, pay for having dreams and desires? Why do they have to bend over backwards, prostrate on a hard-cold ground, drink cow’s urine and swallow bitter Ayurvedic concoctions to aid conception and touch the feet of Godmen?

Look I am not here to point somebody out, but we need to change how we think. We need to change our actions.

We need to stop telling girls to sit with crossed legs but instead teach our boys not to look up their skirt. We need to teach our boys to respect women instead of teaching our girls to be submissive.

You know every girl once in their life feels her life would have been better if she were a boy. Well I couldn’t agree more. If I were born as a boy I wouldn’t always have to care about how I dress. I wouldn’t have to worry while coming home late. I wouldn’t have to hear the taunts. Nobody would judge my character. I would be allowed to make both girls and boys as my friends. I could go wherever I want. Yes, life would’ve been a lot easier.

But thinking from a boy’s point of view, their life isn’t also that easy. You know how we say that boys aren’t able to express themselves. Well the thing is we don’t let them. Do you remember your childhood? Whenever the boys used to cry people used to say that boys are strong they don’t cry. Boys shouldn’t show their emotions, it reduces their manhood. They are not allowed to express emotions in a society like us.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that instead of judging other people we should work on ourselves. Improve our personality, learn new things, do what makes you happy.

In the end, we all are the same human beings with the same feelings and emotions and we should make our world a place where there is no restrictions on how we react. Everybody should be treated equally. If you are teaching your daughter to cook, teach your son too as he also deserves to know how to be independent.

I have often noticed the gender equality workshops and stuff mostly filled with women. How can we expect change if only half the world is invited to it?

I am reaching out to you because we need your help. We want to end gender inequality. And to do this we need everyone involved.

Girls should be allowed to follow their dreams, while boys should be able to express themselves. A world where we don’t need to hide our true selves.

All those who agree with me and want to abolish this social structure we live in, I want all of you to spread the message and making others understand.

I hope my effort doesn’t go vain and I’m able to present my views.


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