Frequently asked questions about the bioidentical hormone therapy

Frequently asked questions about the bioidentical hormone therapy

Let us take a look at the various questions that are asked about the bioidentical hormones so that any ambiguities that are rising in your mind, could be sorted out and you could know what you are looking forward to, in this therapy. After you have cleared up your mind for all the confusion, you can visit any of the centers for bioidentical hormones Atlanta and enjoy the perks of this therapy well. Here are the questions that you might find interesting.

  • What are bioidentical hormones?

The artificially made hormones are created in such a way as to mimic the nature of the hormones that are produced naturally by the body. These hormones are used for maintaining the balance of the hormones that have gone low inside your body.

  • How would I be tested for my hormone levels?

A few simple blood tests are conducted to know your level of hormones and based on the results of these blood tests, the new level of hormones is calculated to be restored in the body.

  • What is given to you by the doctors for balancing the level of hormones in the body?

Although there are a lot of ways in which a doctor can give you the bioidentical hormones so that their balance could be retained, the best of all the approaches is to go for the pellets and creams. This is because when the skin absorbs the hormones directly, it will better give off the results.

  • Which is the safer approach, hormone replacement therapy or bioidentical hormones?

Although there are no such studies that could prove that the bioidentical hormones are better than the other ones, still we have proof of hundreds and thousands of women who have gotten better from this treatment and are enjoying better lives now.

  • Can any woman go for bioidentical hormone therapy?

Most women can go for this treatment easily, however, your health care provider will ask you about the details of your medical history and if you have things like a blood clot, stroke, and breast cancer to make your history, then you are not a very strong candidate for this therapy.

There can be other questions occupying you apart from the ones mentioned above and asking your health care provider about them, would be the best thing to do.

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