Why It’s Taken the UN 50 Years to Wake Up to Plastic and It’s All Too Late

The news that the United Nations are meeting to decide on action on plastic and its effect on the oceans is more than 20 years too late. The problem was already emerging as a global issue from the time glass bottles were replaced sometime around 50 or more years ago. In my childhood one collected glass bottles and returned them to shops to collect pennies for them. Today the plastic ones are more likely to end up in the oceans.

It’s an appalling thought that millions of these containers are produced every hour. They are used for everything from soft drink containers to packaging for sauces, frozen foods, fresh foods, and even clothing, to name just a few of their uses.

Over the years we have seen massive rafts of waste deliberately dumped off-shore when land-fill has been hard to come by. New York and other American cities are offenders in this while Island Nations, such as the Maldives, have stock-piles of waste on land jutting into the sea where tides pick it up.

Billions of bottles of soda are sold daily with containers tossed aside. Some are recycled but that happens only in responsible countries where laws restrict their disposal in land-fill. In China, for instance, river tributaries are so clogged with plastic that it is hard to get to the water.

Fish, birds, and other animals are consuming it while many creatures get entangled in it and die painful and horrible deaths. Mothering animals feed it to their young in the mistaken belief that it is food. Particles of it sink to the ocean bottom where even here it is causing havoc.

Like chemical weapons that kill plastic has to be the ultimate destroyer of life. It kills more than we ever realised and is probably responsible for the rise in diseases, such as cancer. Produced from petroleum, a known health hazard, the chemical process involved changes the normal state into something that is unable to be broken down by natural forces.

Nothing today can be done to reverse the damage. Man does not have the power or inclination to do anything about the years of contamination. So we might ask why has it happened.

The answer lies in 2 directions. The first is money and man’s priority is always about profit. The second is the trap set by the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, who laid down its plan some four to five millennia ago to bring the world, as we know it, to an end.

Coupled with the instability of nations and the threat of all out nuclear war terrorism is but another weapon in the rush towards its destruction. No one will escape God’s wrath and goal. The false gods, money, and things promoted as important are devastating to one’s chances of survival.

My reincarnation and link to the Spirit provides an insight into what is coming. The UN is just another failure in man’s effort to correct what God has done. There is no way that anything can be undone as the perfect trap was set by the greatest intelligence of all – that of the Great Creator and Destroyer.