Why Governments Drive People Into Poverty

Why Governments Drive People Into Poverty

The situation in Australia is rather dire as the government tightens welfare payments and clamps down on pensioners with assets, such as the family home. Until now the unemployed enjoyed a decent benefit from Centrelink but the influx of migrants and illegal activities by some recipients have hit the budget hard. Some use multiple identities to draw several pensions and claim payments they were not entitled to.

The other side of the problem is, however, dire for the economy. As money dries up and support for small business fails shops are closing with many owners’ bankrupt. Credit card debt is increasing astronomically. Add to this the huge increase in prices of homes and the economy is on the brink of collapse.

Those struggling to pay off mortgages that are upwards to a million dollars for a modest home that some 30 years ago would have sold for a few thousand are finding the situation impossible. Many can’t afford to put food on the table and this in a first world country of plenty. It’s also called the lucky country because of what it provides for its people.

Unlike some nations there is free medical services, a great free education system, government housing for the disadvantaged, and many other services that one can tap into. Yet even here the aim of the current political establishment is to drive people into poverty who have otherwise lived as equals.

Australia is a unique product of convict transport from England in the 18th and 19th centuries. As they arrived and served their punishment they turned on the justice system and all forms of class distinction and separation. The worst criminals are held up as heroes, such as Ned Kelly who killed policemen and was subsequently captured and hung. His death mask is in the National Museum of Australia.

In recent years the number of migrants has increased substantially as the governments of all persuasions have seen it as important for development and improved economy. Now, however, it appears to be back-firing as the cost of homes soar and are well out of reach of most home buyers. Overseas investors are absorbing them and many are left vacant.

There are many things going wrong for the people of this country as unemployment increases and prices of everything is well above what makes for a comfortable life-style. So why is the government pushing people over the brink by denying them a decent living.

The question is not easy to answer as what one sees as right the next person argues against it. In the political sphere there will be many politicians who side with big business and who are blind to the reality of financial circulation and growth. There are simply too many political cooks in the kitchen of power and consensus of opinion and common sense agreements are too hard.