Morality Lost, The Age Of Decadence

We have seen it on our TV screens, we hear it on the radio, we continue to witnesses it in the movies and we have experienced it in person. The age of decadent amoral behavior has redefined our nation. This transformation has rendered the United States incapable of healing the wounds that have divided this nation.

When we look from the outside in we have seen a seismic shift of morality that defined the country for over 200 years. That morality instilled in our society by our founding fathers produced a country that grew in stature to become that shinning light, that beacon of hope in an otherwise darkened world. But, within the short span of just 45 years the government of the people and by the people became the government by the government and for the government and the 1%. In the process of this shift the decay of the nations morals gradually accelerated. A new norm, a lower common denominator of acceptable behavior has seeped into ever fabric of our society. And, yes the worship of money has replaced much of the basic morals of our whole society

As it has come to pass the age of decadence is now upon us. Yet, to the multitudes they remain oblivious to the monumental hardships that lie in wait. Unbelievable hardships hidden under the cloak of deception where willful perpetrators of injustice wield their influence. Now, the days of joyous reflection will soon be just distant memories. It is always said that the best way to deal with the future is to look to the past. It is the past though that provides the most accurate barometer of the future. There is more truth to this than we know. Yet, too many times especially those in government fail to exert the proper protocols to keep from repeating mistakes that were already made. In many instances today are characteristics so identical to incidents of our past. Repeated for the sheer benefit of the all powerful elite.

The tale of the gravest travesty in US history really begins over 100 years ago. The year was 1907 when the first 20th century bank run occurred setting off the recession of 1907. It all started when the Knickerbocker Trust Company of New York, collapsed. That year its funds were being used by then-president Charles T. Barney in a plan to drive up the cost of copper by cornering the market. This gamble came undone due to the dumping of millions of dollars in copper into the market to stop a hostile takeover. When this became public on October 21,1907 the National Bank of Commerce announced that it would no longer accept checks for the Knickerbocker Trust Company it triggered a run of depositors demanding their money back. What happened next resulted in the Panic of 1907. This financial crisis set off a chain of events leading the financial leaders of the day like J.P. Morgan, Jekyll Club members George F. Baker and James Stillman both presidents of NY’s premier still solvent banks to realize that there is a need for a financial system or bank of last resort to issue loans and other forms of collateral to stave off other financial institutions insolvency. J.P. Morgan had already been in close contact with European bankers namely the Rothschilds who were eager to get their influence in the United States financial markets. It was J.P. Morgan who instigated several financial maneuvers and organized rescues of several NY banks. Through his shrewd manipulation of financial moves he engineered the financial bailout of New York. You know that old saying “while the cats away the mice will play” well that is exactly what happened when President Roosevelt was on a hunting trip in Louisiana the financial gurus in New York and then treasury secretary George B. Cortelyou took matters in their own hands and with Rothschild’s backing decided to form the Federal Reserve.

The Federal reserve Act of 1913 was the result of that clandestine meeting in November of 1910 on Jekyll island. A private bank designed for the specific purpose to print money and loan it with interest to the Government of the US and all other financial institutions across the country. Today, the interest on all the money printed and loaned to the government and our financial institutions has steered this country right into the most severe debt crisis in history. Think of all the QE bailouts from Enron, the failed savings and loans financial disaster, to the economic crisis of 2008 not to mention all the wars in between and we are talking about trillions of dollars of debt. Through in the fact that from the mid 1930’s all our money and financial transactions are no longer back by gold or silver. The destructive power of fiat currency is exactly what the United States has been engaged in ever since the 1930’s. In 1913 Congress and even President Wilson were swayed by the enormous influence of the Money Changes of the times like J.P. Morgan and Europe’s Rothschilds had. This is when Congress unconstitutionally ceded the power of this nation’s money to a privately owned and held corporation of international bankers.

The Federal Reserve quietly took over the nations financial matters and in doing so has deceived the public on the manipulation that has only en trenched central bankers influences over every aspect of our lives. There are seven signals that have shown that the Federal Reserve really has put the United States on a path toward self destruction. History is about to repeat itself yet again. This time it is the United States whose implosion is evident by these seven stages that have proven empires really don’t last forever. It is proven that whenever quality money moves to quantity currency singles the inevitable downfall of an empire. This time that empire is the United States.

Whenever a country starts out with “Good Money” which is backed by gold or silver but as it develops and the economy grows it always begins to take on more financial burdens. As the country begins to add layer upon layer of public works it also provides for further development of their economy and social standing. When a countries economic affluence grows so does its political influence. It always increases expenditures not only to fund more public works, this in itself would be OK, but, here lies the most damaging trend, it also provides the increasing funding for military expenditures. Now, that a country has a massive military buildup they always puts it’s military to use. In the end expenditures explode. To fund wars and military use countries begin to steal the wealth of its people by replacing their money with currency that can be created in unlimited quantities. This always results in the loss of purchasing power of the expanded currency supply which triggers a loss of faith in that currency. What happens next is that a mass movement out of the fiat currency into precious metals and other tangible assets. The currency then collapses and gold and silver rise in price. In the end the transfer of this massive wealth always flows to the ones who had enough resources to acquire the now real money beforehand.

Today, the massive wealth disparity gap continues to widen and pushes more and more of the population down the economic ladder. The United States is right in sink with all the stages of an economic catastrophe unfolding right before our eyes. This is only the beginning of the end of the United States as we now know it. We are facing a dystopian future in which progress has gone into reverse. In 2043, the damage from fossil fuel has already been done, nuclear power stations are melting down, there is no access to the electricity grid and solar panels are so prized that they are looted. Catastrophic climate change has become a reality. Rising sea levels have caused floods on a global scale, cities like New York are underwater, Internet coverage is patchy, food and consumer goods are scarce, and lifesaving drugs such as insulin are hard to come by. A brutal, dangerous version of the past. One not at all like the future that we had following World War II. If this version of the future comes to pass, it will be because, despite all the warnings, climate change was not taken seriously enough. The greed of the Oil conglomerates in their refusal to substitute fossil fuel for alternate sources has put the whole world on the very brink of falling back into the caves.

For generations, we have assumed that the efforts of mankind would leave the fundamental equilibrium of the world’s systems and atmosphere stable. Yet, mankind has unleashed their greed and lust for more profit at all costs. Too many of our leaders today still deny the integrity of the severity of what fossil fuel is doing to our environment and planet. But, it is possible that with all these enormous changes in our world today to have sustainable economic development provided that the environment is nurtured and safeguarded. Protecting the balance of nature has to be one if not the most essential priority of all humanity.

The reality facing not only the United States but every country around the globe is that if the global economy expands at its current and projected rate while continuing to rely on fossil fuel essentially the planet will cook. Many argue that capitalism today contributes not to global warming but has defused global poverty levels. We have to remember that capitalism is two fold on one hand it has had a great impact on reducing global poverty while on the other hand continues to keep too many impoverished and incapable of climbing up the ladder of economic mobility. In terms of reducing global poverty on a whole capitalism has been somewhat a success, but this growth using the fuel sources of the first and second industrial revolution has produced the greatest environmental disaster in over 10,000 years. It is time to take global warming seriously before an climate Armageddon actually happens.

One of the biggest problems the United States is facing is that there remains no political consensus on tackling the Oil conglomerates and all those climate change deniers. The Republican base by majority are still in a perpetual state of apathy and denial. The money from fossil fuel sources still remains the prime deterrent to any move outside their comfort zone when it comes to alternate green energy fuel sources. The business as usual keep saying the scientific findings are just not conclusive that fossil fuel consumption whether it is in the manufacture of almost everything we by or the gas we put in our cars or the power to run our homes and businesses is responsible for the earth’s temperature increases. The mind frame of many still think the scientific community have all exaggerated the risks that are poised to be unleashed on our environment.

With the world barely recovering from the most recent global recession many are now concerned about another. The talk at meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the G20 is whether the next financial crash will be caused by the realization that the stock market valuation of fossil fuel companies have been inflated overestimating the worth of reserves of oil, coal, and gas. The idea that investors will pull out of fossil fuel stocks if climate change is thought to be the real deal it really is the result would be one if not the worst financial disaster in history. This is probably why the Republican base as a whole refute the notion that climate change and carbon emissions are interlocked together. There is more money to be made the more inflated the worth of fossil fuel stocks are. The greed to keep the gravy train rolling by denying that global warming is a disaster in the making.

The realization today is that we may have started too little too late to avoid the risks that are now poised to strike at our environment, our economy and our way of life. The United States like China are sill burning coal, oil and gas and will probably continue to do so for years to come. This at a time when we should have been putting the infrastructure in place for a green economy. The United States like other countries have continued to go in the opposite direction. Government officials have only now touched on the fact that climate change is an issue. So far central banks and others are pre set to deal with other pressing issues and continue to invest in fossil fuel burning power plants, continue to build energy inefficient homes and buildings with cities still designed for more fossil fuel running cars.

The dilemma facing the United States is in three parts and we had better act before it really is too late. One is to restore the Constitutionality of the Treasury and the gold standard, abolish the Federal Reserve. Two: develop our infrastructure designed for the sole purpose to utilize energy sources that will power the third and final industrial revolution. Third: finally recognize the moral decay of this nation has followed the greed and corruption of a government. A government which has allowed the acceleration of the greatest wealth disparity gap in history to widen even further.

Time is not on our side and with Trump’s Administration Neanderthal thinking time may just run out to save this nation from self imploding. We have the technology and the resources to fully integrate our society in weaning off the now dependency of fossil fuels. But, with this latest executive order by our President it is as though our future is really in grave jeopardy. The fate of all of us is at hand. Do we dare sit idle and let a government and President turn back the clock or do we unite behind a common cause and rally a nation to usher in a new agenda that would restore the basic moral fiber that we had just 50 years ago. Do we unite behind a common cause and rally this nation behind a new agenda that ensures prosperity, stability and security for all. An agenda that restores the credibility of government? A governmental agenda that has the faith and backing of the majority of Americans is already at hand. And, yet our elected officials seem oblivious to it, for they are so beholden to corporate interests that continually feed our legislative bodies with a never ending supply of campaign funds just to maintain the status-quo.

It is time we as a nation start looking from the outside in to actually see what we are doing to this country and to the world. It is not a rosy picture by any means. If we let this present Administration succeed in ignoring the will of the people not only will the moral values that still remain but the vibrant way of life we had back after World War II will be forever lost. A country without the moral fiber that made us great and vibrant cannot endure.