Don’t Throw Away, Recycle!

Every item of waste that you throw out of your house has the potential to be modified and used again. But this potentially environment-friendly and cost-effective product is dumped in dustbins, landfills and even rivers. We are running out of resources and we need to wake up to the only practical solution left for us now- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. What it means is that we need to reduce our production of waste, including the waste that has already been accumulated as well. This we can do by reusing that waste after recycling it. Lucky for us, many environmentalists and health specialists have pushed the governments and the private organizations to promote recycling.

We see business organizations presenting promotional items and souvenirs to their clients which are made of recyclable materials. This Corporate Social Responsibility can really turn things around for the common man. Even newspapers can be seen with the special mention on the top about the percentage of recycled paper used in their newspapers. If the big-shots are proud to use recycled items, then we too need to pause before we senselessly add to the global dump.

Nowadays, companies that make use of scrap tires, butyl and natural tubes, tread scrap, etc. have started recycling the same. They prefer using the more economical recycled rubber instead of the regular one. All these toxic materials that would have kept rotting our environment, owing to the painfully slow decomposition process of rubber, are used productively and without damaging the environment. This also compels us to reduce our immense wastage. Reclaimed Rubber, as it is also called, consumes far less energy during its manufacturing process as compared to other materials including rubber. In some aspects, it has even better properties than the normal one.

Many household items and products of everyday use are being made through reclaimed rubber. Some tasks done by reusing rubber are:

• Batteries, footwear, floor mats, notebooks, rubber mats, decorative items, baskets, wires, cables and more.

• In the fields of Aeronautics, pharmaceutical, engineering, aviation, construction, agricultural transport, etc.

• Flooring of kids playground to increase the grip and prevent slipping.

• To escape the cost of landscaping, you can use rubber mulch. Reclaimed rubber helps in growing plants and keeping away termites and insects.

• Handbags stationery items and soles of shoes.

• Reclaimed rubber is mixed in construction materials to pave highway surface.

• Glass and Steel industries.

• Tire shreds can be used to fill landfills for protecting covering.

• Clothing industry- waterproof clothes, work and sport shoes.

• Metropolitan cities use the more resistant reclaimed rubber for their pavements to reduce cost and maintenance.

• Beneath swings, climbers and sea saws.

Nothing destroys rubber, and it doesn’t decompose. When burnt normally, rubber emits hazardous substances such as lead and arsenic. This ruins the environment and our land. We must reuse it, and recycle it to the best of our capabilities. Our Earth deserves that much at least. We will have to change now. India is one of the main manufacturers of reclaim rubber. It is inexpensive, clean and also, easily available.

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